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Organized Desktop

- by Andrew Gould

Keep your life organized! Having so many "shortcuts" on your desktop it takes forever to find anything defeats the purpose of the desktop. Here are a few tips to keep it organized.

  • Don't worry about deleting shortcuts, they can easily be re-created. Many programs create shortcuts on your desktop by default, but they can also be found in the start menu.
  • Make your desktop icons larger! Try holding down the "Ctrl" key on your keyboard and using your middle mouse button (the scroll wheel if you have one) to make your icons larger. This will make them easier to see, and keep you from putting too many of them on there.
  • Keep documents on your desktop? Try creating a link to My Documents on your desktop, and moving your files to that folder instead. *Hint* push the Windows button and type "desktop icons", this will give you the option to add commonly used icons to your desktop.
  • Make the Windows "Search" function your friend. Push the start menu or the "Windows" button, and start typing. Windows will find relevant programs and documents that match your search.
  • Find related documents and create folders for them inside your My Documents folder. One for Business, one for Personal. One for each client you may work with.One for taxes. This will make it much easier to find documents later on.
  • Name your documents something meaningful, like "Tax Return", followed by a date or version number, so something like "Tax Return 2012". If you follow this naming convention for each following year, they will be in order all of the time.
  • Be consistent. Define your procedure and stick to it.
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