Computer Classes

Introduction to Computer Classes

The computer world is a quickly growing marketplace, especially with the expansion of popular technologies such as laptops, cell phones, portable media players, and tablet computers. With technology constantly changing and becoming more a part of our lives, it is essential for even the most novice users to be up-to-date with these products. Even if one isn't computer savvy, taking introductory computer classes can open up new possibilities.

For the Beginners

For the novice, a first glance at a computer and its parts can seem overwhelming, but once acquainted with this universal technical device, it will likely become second nature. To get started, the beginner has to know the basic components of a computer to operate it.

Basics on Microsoft Windows Operating System

Windows is Microsoft's premier operating system and graphical user interface, which allows users to interact with various applications on the main graphics screen of a computer known as a desktop. C-Tech Solutions provides introductory courses under the title "Introduction to Windows 7."

Being Introduced to Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office is a software suite consisting of various desktop applications which generally allow users to work in the office or at home. Tasks such as composing letters and correspondence, creating presentations, or sending and receiving email can be performed at one's fingertips. Beginning computer classes in Microsoft Office are offered as a whole in the form of an overview of each bundled package application, or instruction can be offered separately for each program, with Word and Excel both being the more commonly and popularly offered courses. C-Tech Solutions offers both Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel as separate classes or both of them together as the Beginner Computing Courses Package.