Computer Services

Repair, Custom Builds, Installation, Maintenance. We do it all.

Dust is the #1 culprit in hardware failures, by getting regular maintenance performed on your computer it will extend the life of your hardware. Computer maintenance and service plans ensure your computers and network perform at optimal levels at all times. Our computer maintenance and service plans provide proactive and preventative solutions for maintaining all of your computer systems. We have service plans tailored to fit your needs, whether it be for small and mid-sized businesses that need IT Support, or for individual computer users working from their home office that need monthly maintenance. The end result of a network maintenance plan is an office that is happy and productive. If you have always thought that there must be something better than the break-fix approach your current IT support provider is giving you, then you will love our method to supporting your company's computers.

WHY IS MAINTENANCE NECESSARY? It is easy to think computers are so advanced that they don't have the same problems as other machines. They should work perfectly all the time. Set them up once, and they just work, right? The truth is that your computer network is a collection of complex machines and software, communicating simultaneously, performing trillions of calculations, using hundreds of parts and wires, and under constant assault by the processing needs of the applications, unwanted viruses and spyware and their own users. Because of these and other factors, your computers require regular computer service maintenance to keep the big problems away and maintain optimal performance.

NOD32 We recommend using Nod32 over other antivirus software. Nod32 uses less space and does not slow your system down like other antivirus programs out there. Keep your system safe and protected, purchase your service plan today. 

PHONE SUPPORT Get phone support with our qualified help desk. Many problems can be solved with just a phone call to our help desk, a convenience we offer to our customers. 

REMOTE ACCESS With the convenience of having remote access you will get the help you need without the costly trip charges. Our experienced technicians will log onto your computer from our office to help you with any problem you might experience.