C-Tech Now Offers Full Hardware, Setup and Service of Onsip

What is Onsip?

Onsip is a business phone service with better features, flexibility, and cost than traditional phone systems.

Delivered over the Internet since 2005, OnSIP allows you to configure phones, users, extensions, voicemail, and more in a matter of minutes. Keep your existing phone number or choose from our selection of phone numbers. It is so easy to get started! Make a call with your new phone system within minutes of signing up. Never worry about maintenance or upgrading your phone system again.

Onsip is Affordable

Pay only for what you use and spend far below the indus- try average per user. Both internal and Internet calls are always free on our platform.

Easy to Integrate

Integrate OnSIP with CRM software, browsers, and more. Use our API to integrate with virtually any other web-based application or back-end system you already use for business. Streamline your operations.

Scale & Customize

Never wait to add users, extensions, or features. Our easy-to-use DIY admin panel allows you to customize your phone system to your liking. The changes you make will happen instantaneously.

Onsip is Flexible

Use any standards compliant phone with our service. Our platform and network are completely open and we adhere to standards such as SIP and XMPP.