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Big News for C-Tech Owner Curt Nisly!
New to Hoosier Backup!
Hoosier Backup is Getting a Facelift - And More! Visit Site HoosierBackup is not only getting a new web site, but also a more competitive pricing structure, even better backup software, vastly improved backup and recovery speeds, in addition to our already outstanding service and support. We can confidently Read all

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Curt Nisly for State Rep.

Curt Nisly for State Rep.

' www.curtnisly.com
C-Tech Solution's owner Curt Nisly needed a nice looking, functional website for his campaign--Indiana District 22 State Representative--so who better to create it for him than C-Tech! Take note of the "Reactive" nature of the site, resize your browser window and see how it scales with the window.

Hoosier Backup

Hoosier Backup

' www.hoosierbackup.com
With the redesign of the Hoosier Backup site, a new approach was taken. A single page with a smooth, elegant and simple design that delivers the information needed without the typical hindrance of multiple page loads.